• sannini - Impruneta's cotto production
    stemma sannini from 1910
  • Institute of Cancer Studies
London - Project: Grimshaw Architects - Sannini Project Srl - Project Manager Guido Giacomo Bondielli - Material: Doga Finne Levigata - photo di Mirko Giorgetti
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  • Lugano - private villa - Project architettonico Arch. Michael Dolinski, Como - Material: Fornace Sannini cm15x30x1,6
  • Cantina Antinori Bargino Firenze - Project: Archea Associati - direzione artistica Marco Casamonti - Materiale: Foto Pietro Savorelli
  • paving Piazza del municipio a Ferrara - Project: architettonico: Technical office Sannini - producing: Listello Poggio Sannini cm 5x28 spessore cm 4,5
  • barriere autostradali A1 - Project: Archea Associati - Materiale: photo Pietro Savorelli
  • Expo UBPA B2 - C1 - Progettazione architettonica: Mario Occhiuto architetture - Project manager sannini Guido Bondielli e Giuseppe Cinquini - elementi in cotto: lastre cottostone


Interior and exterior terracotta pavings are one of the strong points of SANNINI. A prerogative of the company is the capacity to enhance characteristics such as the resistance, plasticity and natural beauty of the matter through innovative manufactoring techniques integrated with an artisan attention to detail. Excellent examples are the collections called Poggio Sannini and Fornace Sannini, two innovative standard productions which prove, as all product families born from our collaboration with architects and designers, the company’s steady propension towards quality and the unusual.
The aesthetic versatility and installation ease of the paving tiles provided in an endless combination of textures, sizes and special treatments make cotto SANNINI a perfect choice for renovation and restoration needs, as well as for housing and urban development projects.


SANNINI has been one of the first companies in Italy to experiment with the application vesatility of cotto and its original use in contemporary architectural projects.
A pure expression of the company’s vocation to research, the cavity walls are designed to enhance the thermal-insulation properties of terracotta, thus meeting the current energy saving requirements.
Cavity walls are efficient not only against excessive heat and extreme cold, reducing the use of air-conditioning and heating systems. They also protect the surfaces from damp besides contributing to external noises’ reflection.
Futher advantages are the ease of maintenance guaranteed by the chance to remove each piece individually and the low environmental impact of the building, aided by dry assembly.


Museo Leeum Samsung

Seoul Corea del Sud

cladding, wall cladding, corea del sud

BP Studio


cladding, wall cladding, toscana

Opera House


cladding, wall cladding, toscana

New high-speed train station

Roma Tiburtina

cladding, pareti ventilate, lazio

private villa

Lugano - Svizzera

indoors, fornace sannini, svizzera

Petra wineries

Suvereto - Livorno

indoors, externa, toscana



outdoors, externa, liguria

Convent Saint Cerbone

Massa Pisana - Lucca

indoors, poggio sannini, toscana


Welcome to the new SANNINI Home Page, now available for computers and mobile devices. This is the gateway to our world, the “calling card” of a leading company in the production of terracotta with a long history and the attitude to intepret every change as an opportunity for development.

The main purpose of this tool is to offer a representation of SANNINI which is as fast and synthetic as the rhythms of modern communication want. Who we are, what we do, our projects and our collections immediately visible with a short scrolling. News are evident as well, in order to inform you – also through the social media – about the most interesting facts relating to our company.

For more information on the technical features of every product and our projects’ details the traditional SANNINI website is available, for now only from computer. “For now” beacuse the new Home Page is not a finished object, but rather a work in progress which leads to a completely new website, both in terms of design and browsing patterns.

Ideas in motion is the saying that represents SANNINI’s vocation to innovation, not only from a communication point of view. Cotto is a living material with a still largely untapped potential, indeed, especially from an architectural point of view. Our challenge is to close this gap investing in research and technology, so as to offer designers new products for architecture which are the perfect synthesys of aesthetics, function and environmental sustainability. In brief, Italian creativity and excellence applied to cotto.

Sannini Cotto from Impruneta industrial factory historical imagery
sannini stabilimento  historical imagery
Sannini Cotto from Impruneta production historical imageryo
Sannini Cotto from Impruneta factory indoors historical imagery
Sannini Cotto from Impruneta production historical imagery
Sannini Cotto from Impruneta factory seen from above historical imagery